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World Preppers Union

We are strong together, we are inspired by each other




What are we preparing for?

The types and forces of disasters and disasters have been increasing for the last 5 years. This increase is now a level that is noticeable by the whole world. We have divided the types of disasters and disasters into 3 main parts:

1. Disasters and Catastrophes that Come by Natural Means: More Than 70 Types
2. Disasters and Catastrophes That Come Through the Sky: More Than 50 Types
3. Disasters and Catastrophes Caused by Human Hands: More Than 100 Types


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The Preparatory Movement

We Give Strength to the Preppers

​"The life of my Ummah is between 14. and 15. centruies until Decadence" Hadith. The mentioned centuries are according to the Hijri Calendar. we are in the year 1445 in the year 2023. The most is 55 years left. His 40th year is the period of the sultanate of Jesus (pbuh). We have "at most" 15 years left to us.

First of all, we know that we are living in the End Times, and the events that will occur at this time are also from the Hadiths, Hazrat.We learn from Ali's sermons, from the Qur'an, from what Christianity tells. At the beginning of the great events of the End Times, there is the "rising of the Sun from the west". How will this event happen? After Nibiru's interaction with Earth.. There will be many bad events in the End Times. With the arrival of Nibiru, the sea will flood its shores and everything on land will be destroyed. Most of the people will also die.

We want to be prepared when major disasters and catastrophes start. There is still time for Doomsday. We aim to be cautious against major disasters and show the way to the rest.

Our Works

We work for future of humanity and world



Research-based analyses


Disaster Time Camps

The best solution for getting away from cities

Do Your Part

Neither the state, the army, nor non-governmental organizations can do anything when major disasters and catastrophes begin. When cities start Decaying one after the other and their coasts start flooding up to 200-300 km inland, the only trump card you have will be "the preparations you made in advance". Preparing does not diminish anything from you, but if you do not prepare, you will become needy for even the smallest thing. To prepare is to take precautions, not to escape death. Every person with intelligence and knowledge makes preparations in advance against bad situations.


Learn about the End Times

1. Understand what the End Times is
2. Identify the End Times events
3. Make plans for the End Times
4. Collaborate for the End Times
5. Learn the types of Disasters and Catastrophes
6. Learn how to survive types of Disaster and Catastrophes 
7. Get serious people to guide you
8. Get back to yourself and pray to God

Make Preparations

1. Find out where it is safe
2. Find out which conditions are unsafe
3. Learn the survival information
4. Learn how to survive against major disasters
5. Join unions preparing for bad times
6. Take camping equipment and tools
7. Prepare mentally and psychologically

8. Stay away from people with a bad mentality

Work Together

1. Keep in touch with the leaders of the Preparatory Society
2. Take every opportunity to improve yourself
3. Participate in research and field projects
4. Have a dialogue with people who will motivate you
5. Create opportunities and ideas for development
6. Be a part of a preparer structure


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